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**Please note that this installment takes place between “Safety Blanket” and “A Pirate’s Life For Me” if you would like context. Of course, all of these “chapters” can be taken as one-shots (I think), but I just thought to add this cute scene ‘cuz I make reference to a situation—like the one in this installment—in a future piece that is currently in the works.

[Name] is playing in the courtyard with the Bamfs again. Kurt and Warren are on a mission and not expected back for the next few days. [Name] hasn’t been at Xavier’s for very long—only three months and she’s been pretty reclusive in those months.
Charles knows that deep down [Name] still thinks she did something wrong to be sent away by her parents. At first the girl vowed to not speak—and she has kept to her vow pretty well. So far, Kurt is the only person at the mansion to hear her voice aside from the first word she spoke (“Bamf”) upon arriving and meeting Kurt for the first time. She only speaks when necessary, but usually she can get her point across without words. Kurt is a very attentive caretaker and he has managed to take care of her well enough without her having to speak much, or at all. Charles has tried to contact her parents, to ask them to welcome her back for the holidays, but there is no progress on that issue as of now.
Charles understands that [Name]’s parents are under a lot of stress and pressure and trying to avoid the stigma of having a mutant daughter—but the longer they insist on not coming to a decision on this issue will mean more bridges burned. He fears that the parent’s choice will cause irreparable damage to their relationship and scar [Name] for life.
Charles fears that the parents will eventually decide to write [Name] off entirely and [Name] will have no home or family to speak of. He hopes that someday [Name] will accept this place as her new home and forge bonds with the staff and students, but it could go either way right now. [Name] is still young—the youngest mutant Charles has ever had to deal with. He worries for her. He has never had to deal with one so young and he fears that even the slightest mishap will leave her scarred for life and afraid of mutants or set her down the wrong path.
Luckily, the mission Kurt and Warren were assigned this week doesn’t look like a dangerous one. The two were sent specifically because the target is a young mutant with a very noticeable mutation; Charles was hoping that Kurt and Warren would be able to connect with the teen because of their obvious physical mutations. Kurt and Warren were overjoyed at the chance to get out of the mansion as well—due to the nature of their mutations the two are usually confined to the mansion while the other X-Men can go out and masquerade as human. Kurt decided that [Name] should stay just in case—he’s grown quite attached to [Name] in the few months she has been here and he refuses to put the girl in any danger, no matter how slight. Because the mission isn’t a dangerous one, Kurt left the Bamfs to entertain [Name] and protect her.
The Bamfs have taken their job very seriously. Some of the more curious students have attempted to make contact with [Name] ever since Kurt left (as wary of him as they were). The Bamfs always kept a perimeter around [Name] and pushed those gawkers away. They may be tiny, but the Bamfs know how to scratch, and they’ve gotten very creative with where they jab their tail-spades. Ororo’s right, the Bamfs may already see [Name] as their new mistress. Kurt may have made a deal with these creatures, but the things seem very attached to [Name]—to the point where they listen to her almost as much as they listen to Kurt.

Out in the courtyard [Name] explores the grounds with the Bamfs and her doll in tow. Back at home, with her parents, she was never really allowed outside. Once her parents found out about her mutation she wasn’t even allowed into the yard anymore for fear that the neighbours would ask questions about why she was not seen around often. She missed the smell of the plants and the sight of flowers.
She feels a tug at her left arm and looks down. Two of the Bamfs are tugging at her doll. She smiles and lets the two take the doll. It looks like they want to play with it and it wouldn’t be fair for her to hog the toy all to herself.
[Name] laughs and claps as one of the Bamfs slow-dances with her doll. Another one approaches and snags the doll from the first Bamf and the two begin to fight. The other Bamfs are watching and making kissy faces—they’re all buying into the game, apparently. [Name] chuckles at the image of her doll being the belle of the ball.
The fight escalates from light pushing and shoving to scratching and puffs of black smoke as things get heated. Apparently, they aren’t pretending anymore. Before [Name] can put a stop to it there is a horrid sound.
The tears come almost before the realization of what happened as [Name] feels an overwhelming sense of loss overcome her. The two fighting Bamfs tried to teleport at the same time—to different places—each gripping an arm of her doll.
Her doll—her friend—her one constant in her ever-changing life lies in pieces. The two Bamfs look at her guiltily.
[Name] runs away. She dashes off to the mansion, most likely to her room. The group of Bamfs stand in the courtyard staring at their handiwork. One of the spectator Bamfs smacks one of the ones holding the doll upside the head as though to tell him he was being stupid. They’re all ashamed and wondering what to do. Collectively, they all disappear in a puff of smoke, off to find their master. The broken doll goes with them. Perhaps Kurt will know what to do.

The Blackbird lands in the hanger without incident. Charles and Ororo are here to welcome their comrades back. The mission was a success and the young mutant is explaining things to his parents and packing up to attend Xavier’s within the next week.
Warren exits the jet first because Kurt was flying it. He nods to the professor and heads off to shower and go teach his afternoon flight class.
Kurt steps out of the jet a couple of minutes later, his Bamfs surrounding him and some of them perched on his arms. He has a weary look on his face but it is masked by a grim sadness.
“Kurt, I assume the Bamfs filled you in?” Charles is about to tell Kurt what has occurred at the mansion—to let him know there is another mission he needs to attend to.
Ja, mein (Yes, my) Bamfs came to me four days ago. Zhey told me ve haf a man down?”
“That’s right. Four days ago [Name] barricaded herself in her room and she would not talk to anyone. We didn’t know what happened. The professor tried to contact her telepathically but only got the feeling that she had lost something very dear to her.”
Ja. Her friend.” Kurt holds out the two halves of [Name]’s doll. Ororo gasps and Charles massages the bridge of his nose.
To an adult a toy is a trivial matter—to a child, on the other hand. Charles has been in [Name]’s head, he knows how much the doll means to her. He fears that this is the event that will traumatize [Name] for good—set her on a path she cannot get away from. Perhaps she will hate the mansion because of this event. It was more than a doll to her—it was her closest companion and her one reminder of home. The doll has been with her for her whole life and to have it be broken here might make her hate this place by association.
“What are we going to do? Should we get her a new one?”
“I fear that will not solve matters. It’s not a matter of a replacement, it’s about the sentimental value of the doll.”
“Professor, vould you let me handle zhis?”
“Yes, Kurt. I was hoping you would. If anyone has a shot at getting [Name] to open up, it’s you.”
“I’ll head up zhere—but first I need to mend somezhing. ‘ro, could you find me some thread und a needle?”

[Name] sits with her back against her dresser. She pushed the piece of furniture against the door four days ago. It won’t keep Kurt or the Bamfs away, but she has not been disturbed since. She doesn’t want to talk to anybody. This place is different—it is scary. She thought she could handle it, all the change, but without her doll this place is very lonely.
The doll was the one constant thing in her life. Every time something changed around her she just had to look at Bamf to know that things would be alright. Bamf never changed. He got dirty, sure, but it was always Bamf. It has always been there for her, comforting her when she had to stop sleeping in her crib and when her dad put away all of her “baby” toys. Bamf was there when she outgrew her favorite pajamas and when she ripped her favorite pair of socks and had to throw them out. Bamf was there when she had to learn how to drink out of normal cups and when she had to give up her pacifier. Sure, she used Bamf’s nose as a replacement—but she stopped doing it when she was four and Bamf took it like a champ.
Bamf was there when she had to learn how to ride her tricycle. No matter how many times she tripped over the peddles or fell off and scraped her knees Bamf got her through it. She promised Bamf that she would ride someday with Bamf in the back of her tricycle and that dream came true.
When her parents found out about her mutation and she was essentially locked up Bamf was there for her. Bamf has caught all of her tears and heard all of her musings, good and bad. It was there when she used to run free in the yard and it was there, beside her, when she had to watch the flowers bloom from a window. Bamf may have just been a doll, but it was so much more to her than just that; and he is gone now.
When she first came to this new place she was terrified. The room was big and the lightning outside did not look very friendly. She would hear things at night and imagine scary things outside her window. She spent many nights cowering under her covers with Bamf as her only company. She is still afraid of the things she sees outside her window; but where is Bamf now? He can’t weather the storm with her now. What does she cry into now? She doesn’t want to bother Kurt all the time. If she went to Kurt every time she was scared or wanted to cry she’d never get off of him. He would get sick of her so quickly if she did that. But what choice does she have now?
[Name]’s eyes well-up with tears as she hears the familiar voice, muffled through the door. She wants to run to him; he is just like Bamf—he’s always there when she needs him. She holds herself back this time though.
“[Name], may I come in?”
There is a pause at the other end of the door. Kurt is a little hurt that [Name] would reject him.
“But I haf dinner. ‘ro told me you haf not been eating.”
[Name] doesn’t respond. She doesn’t want to eat. The food here is not the same as home. Her mom used to cook for the family every night. She wants mom’s cooking. She wants to go back to her old, small, bedroom and curl up with Bamf. She wants to go home. She knows she did something wrong but it has been a long time and she still hasn’t figured out just what she did that was so wrong. However, she doesn’t believe anything she could have done warrants being kept in a strange house and having Bamf taken away from her.
“[Name], I am coming in.”
[Name] backs up a little when Kurt appears, crouched, in front of her with two trays of food balanced in his hand. He looks up at the dresser pushed against the wall and offers her a small smile.
“You moved zhis all by yourself?”
Kurt is impressed. The dresser is much bigger than [Name] is. She must have pushed all afternoon to move it from halfway across the room. It was a futile effort—a single piece of furniture could not hope to keep out any of the residents of this school.
Kurt sets the two trays down in front of [Name]. Charles mentioned that the girl missed her mother’s cooking. The staff were at a loss, not knowing what [Name]’s mother usually served for dinner, nor how to prepare it. Kurt went to the kitchen and whipped up some quick dishes. He has watched [Name] carefully over the last few months and has kept a close eye on what [Name] eats first, last, and the most of during dinner as well as her expressions and whether she liked or disliked something. After a quick analysis of his observations Kurt is shocked that the staff could not figure out something so simple. They were all trying to create some fancy mac ‘n cheese or some other traditional dinner dish when the answer was there all along.
Kurt went into the kitchen and whipped up some of the simpler things he has seen [Name] eat. There’s a small omelette with decorative ketchup (in this case, spelling the word BAMF), pancakes, a fruit-cup, and best of all: hot chocolate with seven marshmallows on top. The answer was quite simple—what would a mother make for her children that was quick and easy to do? Home cooking is not usually a five-course meal, nor is it really plated up to perfection. Of course, Kurt has never really had a traditional mother—but whenever he fantasized about living a “normal” life he always imagined pancakes, omelettes, and hot chocolate. The professor told him about a few minor details about the dishes he was going to prepare—the ketchup, the syrup, and the hot-chocolate had to be made a certain way for his plan to work.
“I haf a surprise for you,” Kurt smiles as [Name] perks up a bit. “but only if you clear your plate.” Kurt smiles at [Name] and begins to dig into his own dinner.
[Name] looks down at her plate and pokes at her omelette. Her mom used to do this. Before her mutation manifested her mother used to draw hearts on her omelette with the ketchup. It didn’t matter what was in the omelette—what mattered was that her mom took the time to draw something with the ketchup. [Name] always marveled at how her mom could make such elegant designs with the condiment when she couldn’t squirt a straight line herself.
The pancakes are a little more interesting. Rather than have syrup on the side or let her go to town with the bottle, her mom had an interesting way of measuring the syrup and getting it on the plate. [Name] slices into a pancake and, just like in her memories, a trail of sticky syrup begins to ooze out of the center of the pancake. [Name] almost wants to cry. Her mom always used to fill the pancakes with the syrup, jam, or with chocolate sauce on special occasions. Essentially, what could fit inside the pancake was all the syrup you needed.
[Name] begins to eat. She saves the fruit cup and the hot chocolate for last. The fruit was meant to be dessert back at home, and it was a treat. The mix of the fruit and the syrup is one of the simpler things she has always enjoyed. The hot chocolate had to be left for last because it was always steaming and much too hot at the start of the meal—just as it is now. The marshmallows are a nice touch. Her mom’s rule was always “only enough marshmallows to count your birthdays”. She was looking forward to the day she could put more than five into her cup. Apparently, tonight she’s allowed to skip two years. Well, it’s not like mom will find out.
With the food gone, the two sit back and sip their hot chocolate. Kurt has been telling [Name] about his mission. He says that soon they will have a new student—a new friend for [Name] to get to know eventually. [Name] isn’t really paying attention. She is still thinking about the surprise Kurt promised her. Kurt smirks behind his mug. He knows that [Name] is hung up on the surprise he mentioned. That was his plan. He wanted to get her spirits up—so he decided to give her something to look forward to, as well as an incentive to finish her dinner.
“Alright. You haf been good. You cleaned your plate. Now, as promised,” Kurt reaches around behind him. He has kept his surprise hidden in a pouch at his belt for the grand reveal. “I vould like to inform you zhat zhe surgery vas a success.”
“Bamf!” [Name]’s eyes could light up the room as she snatches her doll from Kurt. Kurt laughs as she hugs her doll and inspects it.
There is a very fine line running down the middle of the doll—it could pass as a seam. [Name] knows that they didn’t just get her a new one. Bamf was one of a kind and there are small details on her doll you could never hope to replicate. Bamf’s nose is a little misshapen (due to the loss of her pacifier), and there was always a smudge on one of it’s hands that couldn’t be washed off. Lastly, [Name] had been trying to read the letters on it’s collar all her life—she has every scratch on that collar memorized. She looks at it now for a final confirmation and notices something odd.
There is a string of beads around Bamf’s neck along with a small pendant. The whole thing appears to be made of polished wood. [Name] raises an eyebrow and looks at Kurt.
“I vas about your age vhen I got mein rosary. I-It’s a charm, a charm to protect you und Bamf.”
[Name] flops over to give Kurt a hug and the blue mutant laughs before he looks at the dresser.
“Ve should move this, ja?”

In Xavier’s office he smiles when he gets the “all clear” from Kurt. Ororo is in his office at the time and she raises an eyebrow in his direction.
“Everything is fine now.”
“Kurt fixed the doll, right?”
“How did you know he’d be able to do it?”
“Ororo, my dear, you forget Kurt’s past. The man had to take care of himself before he came here. I was sure that sewing was in his repertoire and it looks like I was right. After all, how do you think he acquired the clothes he was wearing when he first came here? A man like Kurt would never resort to petty theft.”
Ororo smiles. She’s been meaning to take her new jeans to a seamstress to alter the hem—it looks like she won’t have to look much further than the mansion now. She hides a smirk behind her hand as she remembers something odd she saw in Kurt’s room when she was sent to get him to eat to dinner last week.
It was only for a moment, but when Kurt opened his door Ororo saw a crude mannequin in the far corner of his room. There were a few strips of fabric pinned to the mannequin that resembled the beginnings of a dress—a dress to fit a small child. [Name]’s parents may still be on the fence about whether to accept her as their daughter or not; but [Name] will be alright. After all, family does not necessarily have to be bound by blood. Ororo likes to think that all of the people here at this school have made a choice to be something like family. Some of the staff and some of the students do not have a biological family for various reasons. They all came together here at this school--like patches on a quilt. As sappy as it sounds, Ororo hopes that one day all the mutants and allies that find themselves here will come together like such a quilt--held together by thin, but strong bonds--like the stitches on the patchy dress in Kurt's room.
Stitched Bonds - KurtXMutant!Child!Reader
This installment takes place between "Safety Blanket" and "A Pirate's Life For Me". I know it's out of order, but each installment could be taken as a one-shot anyway.

Did you guys know that I *LOVE* comments? XD

Also, I'm open to requests. I can't say I'll fill them, but if you have a scene you want me to try to include in this series of one-shots it may inspire me to write something. I've got a few left that I have planned, but I love writing these things, so if there is something you wanna see let me know. 
Hero Day. The idea sounds ridiculous but at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters it is one of the highlights of the year. Occurring on the first day of classes in January, after the holidays, it is an event that encourages the children to dress up as their favorite hero or as their role model. It is supposed to be a physical embodiment of a vow to strive to be like that hero for the rest of the year.
The tradition was started by Ororo when she noticed a problem with Halloween. Halloween is supposed to be a day to dress up as the most terrifying thing one can imagine. In a school where over a third of the students carry physical mutations it was bound to cause problems eventually. ‘Nightcrawler’ was a popular costume choice on the 31st of October, but Kurt was not the only target. Ororo got Xavier to ban Halloween costumes on school grounds because of the hurt feelings going around the school on that date. To walk down the halls and see someone trying to look like you on Halloween was a huge insult. It meant you were terrifying, disgusting, or creepy or all of the above. Unfortunately, some students used the event with the intention to hurt feelings.
In place of Halloween, Ororo introduced ‘Hero Day’ to the school after the banning. She noticed that students were dejected after October because they couldn’t let off some steam and wear a costume. She decided a dress-up day was needed to raise some spirits but she wanted to do it without hurting anyone’s feelings. Thus, Hero day was born.
The event was met with excitement from the younger students and scoffs from those that thought they were too old for it. Those students were usually the ones sneaking off to off-campus Halloween parties in October. Unfortunately, to go with the event Ororo also assigns an oral presentation on Hero Day every year. All students in her classes have to give an oral presentation about their hero(es) and why they are a role model for them. It was a way to keep the older students from making fun of the younger ones who were all gung-ho about the event in their flashy costumes. Some of the other staff members have picked up on the idea and occasionally assign the same project.
Kurt sighs as he gets up for the morning. There will be no ‘Nightcrawler’ costumes today, he is sure. Red sunglasses and sticks tied to knuckles are common on this day, some girls even dye their hair red or wear a wig for the occasion. Blue is not a big color on Hero Day unless it is on tight spandex and paired with the colors of the American flag and a round shield. Sometimes the insult is in the silence—what is not being said or represented. However, the children are happy on this day—especially those with physical mutations—it wouldn’t do for Kurt to ruin their fun. He just hopes that the masks and hats will hide some of the looks of fear that he gets thrown his way regardless of what date it is.
“You’re doing it wrong!”
“It’s called ‘Hero’ Day—it’s not Halloween. You’re going to get in trouble!”
Kurt’s enhanced hearing picks up the sound of sneers and jeers from down the hallway. He spots the trouble in the form of a group of boys crowding around the base of a stairwell.
“He is too a hero!” That voice sounds familiar—but he has never heard such a tone from that voice.
“He’s a freak! This isn’t a freak show, nor is it Halloween! Hurry up and change! Wash that shit off your face!”
“Don’t touch them!”
“Change! My younger brother’s in your math class and I don’t want him to wet himself when he has to sit next to you dressed like that!”
“Ugh! We’re doing P.E. with your class today—I don’t want you dressed like that trailing behind me in the 100m dash! It’d look like I’m being chased by—“
“By vhat, children?” Kurt finally reaches the band of bullies. He has heard enough to understand what is going on.
Jaws drop and the children look very much like a bunch of fish out of water.
“Uhm….uhh…Mr. Wagner…sir…”
“Everyone has zheir reasons for zheir choices of role models on zhis day. Zhis is a fun event und a lot of students look forward to zhis day every year. You would not want to be zhe reason vhy it is cancelled, ja? We’ve already lost Halloween—be sure zhat you are not zhe ones responsible for taking costumes und fun out of zhe school.”
Some of the children nod but all of them are still speechless.
“Vell, you all should get to class. I am sure you all have your presentations to do, ja.?”
Taking that as their cue, the children bolt out of the stairwell. Kurt is left standing at the base of the stairs. He turns to the stairs to find out who the children were picking on and his heart breaks at the sight.
Standing at the base of the steps is [Name]. He has held her enough times over the last year to recognize her scent, even if it is slightly masked by the smell of paint and tears. She is crying and has her face covered by her hands—her very blue hands.
“[Name]?” Kurt is shocked and is almost as speechless as the children he scared off. Most of the children love her. Some of the younger X-Men and their students see her as a younger sister. Sure, she has a few haters, but they usually keep their distance from her out of fear of those that love her.
[Name] doesn’t take her face out of her hands. She walks forward until she bumps into Kurt’s leg. He kneels until she is nestled against his’s chest as she continues to cry. Kurt wraps his arms around her and pats her on the back, still in shock at what he is seeing. His tail curls protectively around her.
“T-T-They said you weren’t a hero. T-They called you a freak a-a-and—“ [Name]’s explanation is peppered with sniffles and sobs. “T-T-T-They wouldn’t let me out of the stairwell—t-they said I shouldn’t be proud of it b-b-but I-I-I worked so hard on it! A-A-And Jean a-a-and Jubilee—t-they all helped.”
Kurt rubs her back as he tries to console her. It seems to work as her sobs become less frequent. Over the last year she has become more open and talkative. When she first arrived she wouldn’t talk to many people. After the events of a certain role-play session in the Danger Room her fame pretty much sky-rocketed throughout the school. She earned a lot of fans and began to make more friends. With the new friends came more opportunities to socialize and she began to speak to more people. [Name] has never had much reason to cry since she came to Xavier’s. She cried when her ‘Bamf’ doll was ripped (leading to Kurt fixing the doll and showing of his sewing talents) and she cried whenever Kurt and the other X-Men came back beaten and bruised from a mission; but she rarely ever cried because she was bullied. She has hardly had reason to shed tears over herself since she came to Xavier’s. Kurt raised her to be as selfless as himself, apparently.
She steps back and rubs the last of the tears from her eyes with what Kurt now sees are three fingered hands. She taped her ring and last fingers together and her middle and index together on both hands and covered everything with blue paint. Upon closer inspection there are lines on her arms. Kurt panics and quickly inspects the raised lines—an imitation of his angelic symbols. He knows how his got there and his heart almost stops at the idea of [Name] doing it to herself.
“T-They’re glue. I-I used glue to draw the lines and waited for them to dry before—before…” [Name] trails off.
Kurt is satisfied with her explanation and also with the fact that the raised lines do not feel like flesh. He finally looks up at her face and is speechless. The lines continue on her face, leading up to a pair of red-yellow contacts. She also appears to have covered her eyebrows and hair with some thing to turn them a glossy black. Kurt now realizes why her speech has been off as she has been talking to him—she is wearing fake fangs.
Kurt can’t believe his eyes. It is a ‘Nightcrawler’ costume—[Name] dressed up as him for Hero Day.
“J-Jean helped. S-She came into my room at 3AM to tell me it was lights out. S-She caught me and-and she helped me with the lines. I-I couldn’t get them right by myself. A-A-And Jubilee helped me get the contacts and clothes a week ago.”
So this is why the Bamfs have been grinning at him whenever he sighs at seeing “Hero Day” on the calendar. He caught one of the little critters doodling on this date specifically, as though reminding him not to forget about the event.
Kurt looks her up and down. [Name] is wearing clothing that is much too big for her—men’s clothing. She is wearing a tattered yellow shirt like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean, covered by a maroon coat that looks like it belongs in a theater production, and beige pants that look like they could be shorts on someone much bigger and taller than [Name]. The pants are held up by a length of rope tied in a bow at the front. Another length of rope has been painted blue and hangs out of the back of her pants. All in all, it is a perfect costume of his days in the circus.
“Hey, Kurt! There you are, you’ve got a class to teach, don’t you?”
Kurt is startled out of his shock by the voice of another teacher—Warren Worthington III.
“What’s this? Is that [Name]?” Warren finally spots the child barely tall enough to be at waist-height for him and Kurt.
“Yes, it’s [Name]. I-I—You’re right zhat I have a class to teach.” He looks at [Name] apprehensively, torn between staying with her and teaching his class. “Do you mind?” Kurt glances at [Name] and Warren gets the message.
“Sure! [Name], you’ve got P.E. with me first period, right?” [Name] nods and Warren extends his hand to her. “Then let’s go! You’re not late if you arrive with the teacher, right?”
Suddenly, [Name] is on Warren’s shoulders. She reels at the vertigo the change of altitude causes and Warren adjusts his wings so that she will not fall off. Kurt laughs at the sight and reaches over to straighten out the collar on [Name]’s jacket.
“Now, zhere’s a sight. Zhe real Nightcrawler has never ridden on zhe shoulders of Angel.”
Warren smirks at Kurt.
“That can be arranged, Kurt.”
[Name] giggles at the dumbfounded look on Kurt’s face and Kurt smirks at Angel. “Vhat vould we call such a combination? Angels and demons? Angel of Death? Elf on Wings? NightAngel?”
The bell rings, resounding throughout the emptying hallway.
“Whoops. If I’m not out in the fields in three seconds there will be mayhem. Gotta fly!” Angel takes off down the halls, [Name] secure on his shoulders. Kurt smiles at the sight and at the surprised squeal [Name] lets out when Warren unexpectedly picks up speed and takes to the air the second he reaches the doors leading outside.
Just as he is about to head off to his own class Kurt steps on a sheet of paper. He looks down and notices a few papers littering the area around the stairs. Bending to pick them up he reads the words on the first page, “Why Kurt Wagner is My Hero”. Kurt’s tail wags in happiness and he gathers the papers. He knows [Name]’s schedule by heart. He’ll ask her other teachers to figure out which one he’ll turn-in the assignment to, not before reading it himself though.
‘Nightcrawler, is a hero and he doesn’t need people dressing up like him to prove that fact. He has saved many of us more times than we will ever know. Some of the students sitting in this room wouldn’t be here today had he not teleported you out of harm’s way and brought you here. He is an X-Man—he occasionally goes off to save the world and still makes it back in time to plan his next lesson. Of course, those are only some of the reasons why ‘Nightcrawler’ is a hero; today I want to talk about why ‘Kurt Wagner’ is my hero.’
Kurt walks through the halls with a spring in his step. Today will go down as the best Hero Day in history in his books. Nothing can bring him down today.
Hero Day - KurtXMutant!Child!Reader
This one goes out to :iconreckless-howler: for their amazing fanart of Bamf:…

I cried when I saw their art. I've always thought only famous and well-known/well-liked/popular artists/writers got fanart and I've never seen myself as one of those people. I'm usually the one making the fanart of things...but not posting it 'cuz I'm embarrassed and ashamed of my stuff. So...yeah, this was a first for me and a totally amazing thing that happened. Therefore, I guess this piece is a big 'Thank You' for the art.

My original intention was to post a chapter about the loss (death) of Bamf...but after seeing :iconreckless-howler:'s fanart I couldn't bring myself to post that chapter and dedicate it to them. So I decided to post something slightly happier.

So, for anyone that loves the stuffed-plushie-Bamf-character, you can thank :iconreckless-howler: for its continued appearances in these fics.

A little info on this chapter. Again, it can be taken as a stand alone, but it mentions some of the events of my other KurtXMutant!Child!Reader fics.

Again, this is not meant to be a romantic pairing at all, as much as I'd love to write a romance with Kurt in the future.

I'm sure everyone has noticed that I'm not really following canon of any Marvel Universe (that I am aware of). Characters that I know of and feel like I can write into the story will appear at random, regardless if they should all be alive together or not. So, I guess in the case of these fics it's pretty AU.

Anyway, comments and whatever else are much appreciated. I write these things to get in touch with other like-minded fans...'cuz my real life friends sort of let me down when they told me they weren't interested in X-Men.
Jean looks out to the gardens when she hears the tell-tale sound of teleportation. She smiles at the sight that greets her eyes. Young [Name] was brought to Xavier’s a few weeks ago. Aside from sleeping and class time she and Kurt have been inseparable. She can often be seen following behind the blue teacher like one of his little Bamfs, clutching at his pant-leg and overall being silent.
Currently, [Name] is out in the gardens playing with the little blue creatures. This is also a common sight. Kurt refuses to bring [Name] into the Danger Room (except for a harmless, entertaining “misuse” of the facility) when he is teaching in there. It is a decision that Xavier has agreed with—[Name] is still too young to be running simulations in the Danger Room. Logan disagrees, he claims that it’s never too early to learn survival skills; but enough of the staff and students voted to keep [Name] out of simulations, at least until she becomes a teenager.
Although the Bamfs are an asset for Kurt when running a simulation, he occasionally spares two or three to keep [Name] entertained. There is always at least one of the little cuties sitting on her shoulder to keep tabs on her and to act as a direct line to Kurt should she ever be in danger or if either wants to find the other. When she has a nightmare, Kurt is the first one in her room (alerted by a Bamf), and the things teleport her to Kurt in the middle of his lectures when she’s searching for the man. The first time it happened was pretty funny—the students still whisper “Magus Wagner” and “Abbra-ka [Name]” under their breaths. Unfortunately, the Bamfs have picked up on this and think of it as a game. Whenever one of them hears the magic words they teleport [Name] to the student in question causing much laughter.
It’s an endearing sight—a Bamf is always perched on her shoulder or her head during her classes (except for exams after one of the creatures tried to relay answers to the child) and [Name] shares her lunch with the things during meal-times. The Bamfs definitely like her and whenever there are more than two around her, the cuties can often be seen fighting over who gets petted by the girl. Honestly, it appears that they love her as much, or more, than they love whiskey. Once [Name] becomes legal the Bamfs may just boycott Kurt to follow their new mistress.
Jean walks off to her classes with a smile on her face. She and Ororo had their doubts about Xavier tearing her away from her family at such a young age, but she seems to have adjusted well. She still doesn’t talk very much—mainly to Kurt and even then it is only a few broken words.
The girl turns and sees her second favorite person at this school. A man with angel wings stalks over to her through the grasses and opens his arms. She starts running toward the man and disappears with a ‘BAMF’. If Warren is shocked, he recovers quickly once [Name] is in his arms with a grinning Bamf in tow. He smiles at her.
And she is gone. Warren looks around worriedly. Kurt will skin him alive if he has lost her.
“Ve meet again, Captain Eagle. Vhat brings you to zhe Emerald Sea? Here to steal mein schatz (my treasure) again?” Kurt stands before him, grinning, with [Name] in his arms.
“A thousand curses upon thee, Blue-Tail! The sea is no place for a child! The girl belongs on land—with civilization! Hand her over!”
“I think not.” Kurt grins as he disappears with a ‘BAMF’, no doubt heading to the Danger Room to set up the pirate theme.
Warren soon joins them in the Danger Room. Everything has already been set up. As much as the other faculty members claim this is a misuse of the room, the two are aware that the control/viewing room is packed with staff and students alike—here to see the next adventure on the high seas. Warren catches Ororo face-palming at something Kitty has programmed into the controls—no doubt the events in this room are now being broadcast on every monitor throughout the school. A collective cheer resounds throughout Xavier’s school as the children stop what they are doing to tune into the mansion’s greatest entertainment. The swashbuckling tales played out in the Danger Room have become a treat for all staff and students. Classes are over for the week, after all.
The staff members hear Xavier’s voice in their heads—a chuckle. That is their go-ahead. Ororo removes her hand from the ‘Force Stop’ button and smiles at the events below, praying that this peace lasts for years to come. [Name] has been good for the school with all of the smiles and laughter that seem to follow the girl. She is starting to wonder if maybe part of the girl’s power is the ability to bring happiness to her surroundings.
“Hand the girl over, Blue-Tail!”
Kurt grins from his position, wrapped around the mast of Captain Eagle’s ship. “Nein (no)! If you wish to have mein schatz (my treasure), come und claim her!”
Warren takes that as his cue. He abandons his post, steering the ship, and launches himself into the air to try and take [Name] from the other man. An epic battle begins, the two fighting with sabers and ropes. [Name] is always cradled in one of Kurt’s arms or on his back, taking the place of his usual parrot.
“I have thee!” Warren thrusts his saber at Kurt—getting a lucky shot in. Kurt goes sprawling—finally releasing his hold on [Name]. “Girl, are you alright? Come, I will take you back to land!” Warren opens his arms for [Name] to jump into as she did in the gardens.
[Name] surprises everyone watching, especially the two in the simulation with her. Glaring at Warren with sharp eyes she stomps over to Kurt’s fallen hat. She picks up the accessory and places it on her head. The hat is much too big so she props it up with a finger. She grins evilly at Warren as a Bamf pops onto her shoulder with an evil grin.
“A pirate’s life for me!”
The Bamfs take that as their cue. All at once the little creatures rush at Warren, grabbing at his eyes and his wings. He stumbles backward. [Name] smiles and walks to Kurt’s side. He grins and gathers her into his arms once more.
“You heard zhe girl—she is mine!”
It comes as no surprise to anyone when the students are sporting either wing-pins or pirate-hat pins on their lapels. The teachers can’t find the source of the pins and have long since given up trying to shut down the underground operation. Apparently, the events of last week’s role-play in the Danger Room have divided the students. They are either ‘Team Blue-Tail’ or ‘Team Eagle’. Kurt and Warren are only mildly surprised when papers are handed in with a stack of application forms for “crew members”.
A Pirate's Life For Me - Kurt WagnerXChild!Mutant!
Kind of a continuation to my previous work "Safety Blanket" but it could be taken as a stand-alone.

This came out very different from how I intended...but I guess I can save the one I had planned to write for another day.

Please comment. Let me know if you want more. There needs to be more Nightcrawler stuff on the internet.

Let me know if you're 'Team Blue-Tail' or 'Team Eagle' too XD

I do not own Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler--Marvel does. If I owned him I'd probably keep him to myself XDXD
“Professor, are you sure about this? She’s just a child.”
“My dear, we were all children once.”
“But mutations usually only manifest after puberty. She’s five!”
“Yes. That is quite disturbing. But we cannot turn one of our own away. I saw into the minds of the parents, Ororo. I did not like what I saw. If we leave her here she will be dead by week’s end.”


[Name]’s parents give up their daughter without a fuss. They don’t get violent or defensive or even try to deny that they have a mutant for a daughter. They simply let Xavier and Ororo in and call for [Name].
A slip of a girl comes down the stairs clutching a stuffed doll to her chest.
“Good evening, [Name]. I am Charles Xavier and I’m here to offer you a place at my school.”
[Name] knows that this will be the last time she sees her parents or the place she has called home for the last five years. She knows that mommy and daddy are at their wits end—they are tired. She knows that her parents do not know how to love her and that it is not their fault. Unfortunately, like most kids are prone to do, she feels that this situation is somehow her fault. She doesn’t know what she did or why it was wrong, but it must have been bad for the bald man and the white-haired lady to come to take her away.
Her parents say nothing and [Name] toddles after the man in the wheelchair, still clutching the stuffed blue elf to her chest. The doll has been her closest friend and the one constant thing in her five years of life. It’s her safety blanket. She has watched her parents go from loving parents to the tired husks she is now leaving behind; she has outgrown her favorite dress and watched it be tossed in a garbage bag. Mommy said she was donating it to good-will; but to [Name] it meant that she would never see it again. Her parents were not constant. Throughout all of the changes in her life the blue elf was the one thing that stayed the same and it has become her rock—the thing that she clings to for sanity. It’s only recently that she has been able to sound out the letters written on the collar of the doll, ‘Bamf’. Her companion finally has a name.
“Do you need anything else before we go?” Ororo tries to keep her tone gentle as she fights tears. They are dealing with a child.
[Name] shakes her head and takes Ororo’s hand. On the rare occasions her parents let her out of the house she was not allowed to let go of one of their hands. Mommy and daddy aren’t here now so the lady with the white hair will have to do. Maybe if she can get to wherever they are going without letting go she will be a good child again.
They walk to a car parked in front of the house. Ororo opens the door to the back seat and [Name] has to let go of her hand to get in.
“Charles, she’s not talking. Are children supposed to be this quiet…this subdued?” Ororo begins to question Charles the second they are seated in the front. [Name] ignores them, focusing on the engraved letters on her doll’s collar.
“It’s alright, Ororo. This is a lot to take in.”
Although there were no signs of neglect or mistreatment of [Name], Xavier knows that given time her parents would have snapped. He fears that his previous estimate of a week was too generous. He prays that someday [Name] will be able to return home and reclaim the family her mutation took from her.


“…and here is my office. If you ever need to find me, call out with your mind or come see me here.”
The two are giving [Name] a tour of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. [Name] has been silent this whole time. Ororo originally thought the girl was still in shock but the professor told her that was not the case. To put it simply, [Name] was doing her best to be a ‘good girl’. She’s been mulling over the idea that leaving her parents was the fault of something she did; so she’s been toying with the idea of not doing anything at all ever again. It would seem that not talking is one of the first steps in her plan. The look on Xavier’s face tells Ororo not to pry, although it is worrisome whenever the professor grimaces at something he sees in the girl’s head.
A bell rings throughout the school.
“Ah, classes just finished.”
After the flood of students passes by the teachers begin to leave their classrooms. [Name]’s eyes widen when she looks up and spots something in the crowd.
“Kurt! How did classes go today?”
“Professor! Zhey vent very vell, Rico—“
Kurt Wagner is cut off at the exclamation followed by the feeling of something winding around his left leg. Three pairs of eyes look down at the girl now hugging Kurt’s pant-leg. Tears cling to her delicate eyelashes as she buries her face in Kurt’s leg.
“It seems that the girl has broken her silence.”
Kurt continues to stare at the girl with a confused expression on his face before he crouches down to get a better look at her.
“Uhh…Guten tag, kleine dame (Good day, little lady)?” His tail swishes nervously behind him. She stares back blankly at him, sniffling slightly.
“Kurt, do you know this girl?”
Nein (no), Ororo. Zhis is the first time ve have met.”
“Then why did she—“ Ororo answers her own question when she sees [Name]’s doll on the floor. She must have dropped it in her excitement to see Kurt—or, in her mind, a life-sized version of her doll. She smiles a bit. “Kurt, I think she thinks you’re a stuffed animal.” Ororo giggles as she points to the doll. Kurt raises an eyebrow in confusion as Ororo holds the doll up beside Kurt as though to compare the two. The professor chuckles.
“Well, now that we’ve figured out what makes her feel at ease, I was wondering if you had the time to spare to show our newest student around, Kurt. She seems to have taken a liking to you.”
“You’re…not afraid of me?” Kurt’s disbelief is clear in his voice. He is used to adults flinching at the sight of him and children bursting out in tears in his presence. He’s never been hugged by one in his life.
[Name] shakes her head as she wipes her eyes with her small fists.
*I’ll explain later, Kurt. Would you mind showing her around? We haven’t been able to get a word out of her.*
Kurt smiles and gently takes [Name]’s hand. Placing a soft kiss on the back of her hand he speaks. “Mein schöne prinzessin (my lovely princess), could I have zhe honour of showing you around?”
[Name] nods and Kurt’s smile widens. With a flourish of his tail [Name] is up in his left arm, the other one is holding her Bamf doll which he plans to use as a puppet-tour-guide of the mansion.
“I’ll take care of her, professor.”
“Great. We’ll see you both at dinner in a couple of hours.”
“Now, vhat vould you like to see first?” Kurt begins his tour of the school and walks off with the girl in his arms. He’ll save teleporting for when they are late to dinner; he doesn’t want to scare her with his powers just yet. Maybe, if they have time, he’ll find Angel and together they’ll put on a show in the Danger Room just for her. After all, everybody likes pirates, right? Besides, the dreaded pirate Blue-tail needs a first-mate.
“Do you think it’ll be okay?”
“I think [Name] is going to be just fine, Ororo. As long as her safety blanket is here, she will be alright.”
Safety Blanket - Kurt Wagner X Child!Mutant!Reader
First time I've ever posted a reader-insert fic online. This may be the first time I've ever written a full one too. And it's definitely my first ever fic about Marvel-related stuff. (Did Nightcrawler take my firsts?! >////<)

Anyway, for reference I was imagining the "Nightcrawler" series version of Nightcrawler, where he is a teacher at Xavier's school...possibly slightly younger and with the hair-style he had in the TV series "Wolverine and the X-Men". 

Yes, I know Kurt meets Rico for the first time in the Nightcrawler series...but I needed to put a student name in there somewhere. 

Note that this is not meant to be a romantic/sexual pairing or anything like that I just thought that it was cute how the bamf dolls were everywhere like Stan Lee cameos and decided it would be funny if Kurt really did get mistaken for one of those toys. 

I haven't decided if I want the actual bamfs in the story ('cuz that would mean he already died once). So I'll leave that up to your imagination. Who knows, if I get enough inspiration for it I might write a continuation of this where [Name] gets to play with live Bamfs. 

BTW, you'll notice I do not mention what [Name]'s mutation is. I did that on purpose. It's up to the reader what power they want her to have and whether it's visible or not. It's something that came about before she was 5 and it + the stigma of having a mutant child were enough to push her parents to their wits end. 

Truth be told, I wanted to write this as a gender-neutral fic too. It's not that I'm a big advocate for that or whatever, but I feel like boys can like Nightcrawler too. Unfortunately, using "They/Their" got confusing and impeded my ability to get into the even though it is "she" in the story, feel free to change the reader into whatever gender you want. Who knows, her mutation could mean that she has no gender at all if you want. 

Please comment. Let me know if you want me to post more stuff like this and your thoughts etc. Also, I want some like-minded people to fan-squeal about Nightcrawler with. 

BTW, I do not speak German--everything was taken from Google translate so I apologize if it's wrong. 

I do not own Nightcrawler (I wish) or even a Bamf doll (T_T), all of that belongs to Marvel and possibly Fox. 
Aunt Flow by saphsoul
Aunt Flow
Aunt Flow: Aw, no baby yet? Poor child, here, I'll cheer you up! I'll stay with you for the next week!


When Aunt Flow comes knocking 3 times in 4 weeks she's being a persistent bitch...rubbing it in my face that I'm not incubating.

Anyway...Uni Problems: when Aunt Flow visits at random times is it stress or is it some serious medical condition?

I have no if I don't wake up in the morning who would like to finish what I started and try to take out Madam Red for me?

Right...I'm probably gonna draw a follow-up to this at some point...really tempted...where Aunt Flow reveals her true colours either as a demon or just her turning the tables and impaling me through the Uter--I I decide to procrastinate again that is...


saphsoul's Profile Picture
Current Residence: Look behind you...
Favourite genre of music: The screechy violins from Psycho
Favourite photographer: The only good photographer is one without a camera.
Favourite style of art: this and that and sometimes it.
Operating System: G.U.N.D.A.M., ALVISS, NERV, Valvrave...I like to play around...
MP3 player of choice: the voices in my head...
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Wallpaper of choice: Drywall
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Favourite cartoon character: too many to count
Personal Quote: So...I'm supposed to quote myself here?
Update: Not dead.

*sigh* I really need to post some stuff here, don't I?

I have a lot of art and photos piled up but I haven't had the time, equipment, or motivation to post them...yet. Maybe when I get back to Uni.

I'm posting this here mostly for my IRL friends.

Anyway...inspired by a series about editors I got to thinking, "If Education doesn't work out...could I/would editing be the right job for me?" Unfortunately, I'm at the age where deciding career paths and big life decisions (career, education, job, relationships, etc.) *sigh* life is pretty stupid when I think about it.

Anyway...I still want to be a teacher...but I'm thinking that maybe editing wouldn't be a bad thing either...I wonder how to set foot into that world though. Most official positions require a BA in English...I've got at least a semester before I'm allowed to apply for the Ed program in my Uni...maybe...well, I'll try my damnedest to get into that program...but I kinda wanna try my hand at editing works of fiction.

If anyone reads this and knows how to get a foot in the door as an editor would you let me know? For now I wonder if I should leave myself open as a beta reader for people online.

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